10153305_1439563292951721_7878259991528112561_nHi!  I’m Marla but some people call me M.J. Welcome to my blog!  I’m married with 1 child left at home. My other 4 children are grown and I have two beautiful grandchildren – I still can’t believe this!

I’m a mom, dedicated to providing real food for my family, using chemical-free cleaners and minimizing (or eliminating) the medications that we have to take.

I was able to get my son off of 5 pills and a maximum dose of a transdermal patch (under doctor direction).

My doctor has REDUCED my thyroid medication  by 88 mcg.   That ‘s a 71% DECREASE.  I’m on a mission to eliminate it completely!


I hope you will follow along while I chat about my journey to acquire a prepared and healthy home.

Blessing to you and yours! – M.j.

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