Healing Hypothyroid – Great News From My Doctor

By | December 5, 2014

Photo Credit: rayhigdon.com

I tell people almost every day about my health journey.   I was overweight, sick, had chronic (almost debilitating) arthritis, osteoporosis, hypothyroid and had chronic exhaustion at 42 years old.  I took 21 pills a day!  I have been hypothyroid for 14 years and take Synthroid and liothyronine sodium, both of which are thyroid medications used to treat hypothyroid.

A few years ago, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I began doing extensive research and working on healing my body.  I’m no longer overweight!  I don’t have chronic arthritis or osteoporosis.  In fact, except for my healing thyroid, I’m in excellent health!  I have also been on an evolving but very successful journey of reversing and healing my thyroid through natural means:  diet modification, as well as adding essential oils and supplements.

I am so excited!  Wednesday I went to the doctor to check my thyroid levels (blood work) because I was feeling over medicated again.  I got my results back today. It showed that I am over medicated! That means my thyroid is continuing to heal!  Yippee!

At my highest dose, I was taking 118 mcg of Synthroid and 5 mg of liothyronine sodium.  He is reducing my dosage to 35 grains of Armour Thyroid which is a natural thyroid instead of synthetic Synthroid.  I’m down from 118 down to 35!

So my son is off all his ADHD medication and I am so close to being off all of mine. I am so thankful for Young Living essential oils but most of all, I’m giving thanks and all glory to God for His healing, the knowledge that He has let me acquire that put me on this journey of healing with real foods and how to support the process using essential oils and supplements.

Do you have a success story that you can share about healing naturally or questions about natural health?  Share a comment below and please share this on Facebook.  There are so many people that may benefit and receive motivation from my journey.  Thanks for reading!

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