Honey, Lemon & Thieves Homemade Throat Drops

By | October 9, 2014

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It has become very, very important to me to know what I am feeding my family.  It is equally important to me to reduce or eliminate the preservatives, dyes, and chemicals that we are exposed to in our foods and household cleaners.

These are the most soothing, natural throat drops.  So much so that I wanted this to be the first recipe that I share with you.  It has three basic ingredients, so I know exactly what’s in them:  honey, Thieves essential oil, and lemon essential oil.  They taste better than store-bought plus I know what’s in them (and I can pronounce everything.)


1-Cup raw, unfiltered honey (local honey is best)
8-drops Thieves Young Living Essential Oil (I like them a bit on the strong cinnamon side)
4-drops lemon Young Living Essential Oil
1-candy thermometer (you can find them for under $5)
A turkey baster (optional)

Put the honey in a saucepan and bring it to 300 degrees on medium (or slightly higher) heat-adjust as needed.  It will begin to bubble and rise up in the pan, so don’t use the very smallest pan.  It should hold about 4 cups of liquid to prevent boil over.  Use your thermometer to check the temperature periodically.  It must reach 300 degrees, or it will not be hard.  Stir frequently to prevent sticking.  Be extremely careful.  300 degrees is very hot!

Once at 300 degrees remove from the heat and stir so it will begin to cool.  You want to wait until it is as cool as possible (without being sticky) to add the oils. Once it begins to set, the honey will become harder to work with so don’t let it get too thick.  You will know so don’t worry.  If it does get too thick, you can rewarm it.

Spoon the mixture into the candy molds or use a filled turkey dropper.  If you don’t have molds, it’s okay.  I have seen people make drops using wax paper and just putting drops on the paper.  They won’t be as uniform or pretty, but that’s okay too.  If you want to get candy molds, check a local cake decorating supply store, or you can order online.  I paid about $3 per mold for mine.  They come in sheets that have about 12 – 20 drops on them.

Allow to cool completely and wrap in wax paper.  This recipe is a little messy, so you can put down way paper on the counters around where you are working or dissolves any spills with a wet wash cloth.  It’s messy, but they are so worth it!  Enjoy!

Have you ever made your own throat drops or do you have a recipe that you would like to share for soothing a scratchy throat? Post your favorite tips or recipes below.

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18 thoughts on “Honey, Lemon & Thieves Homemade Throat Drops

  1. Clarke

    I followed your directions for the Honey, Lemon & Thieves Homemade Drops. I made them last night. How long does it take them to harden?

      1. Clarke

        Thank you, I did not heat it to 300 degrees. Earlier I bought a candy thermometer. They are hard like candy now 🙂

    1. mjescobar Post author

      Hi Helga. If it doesn’t come to 300 degrees, you will end up with a slightly soft but still formed candy. Aside from letting it set and cure, I’m not sure that you can do anything once poured. Perhaps you could remelt and bring to 300 degrees F. but they don’t necessarily have to be hard to still be tasty. Hope you enjoy!

  2. lex

    Do you know how long these keep? I feel like they shouldn’t really spoil & should have a decent shelf life, but I don’t wanna make them ahead of time if they’ll go bad by the time I end up needing them. Haha The Struggle.

    1. mjescobar Post author

      Given that they are just honey, they should last for quiet a while. Pure honey, in it’s natural state, lasts forever. It can crystalize from it’s natural state but can be brought back to liquid by placing the container in warm water. That being said, the honey was boiled, but I don’t think that should cause it any problems. I haven’t tested them much longer than a few months but I think they should easily last a good while beyond that.

      1. Twyla

        I was told by a Meador that if u freeze honey it will keep longer and therefore not crystallize. So theoretically if you keep the lozenges in the fridge or even freezer they should keep for some time.

        1. Karen

          I just made some of these wish I would have read the comments first. Recipe doesn’t tell you to stir the honey while you are waiting for the temp to get to 300 so it got a little burnt. Also found that they stuck to the wax paper so I put them in the freezer for a few minutes most of it came off. Heated the ones with wax paper on them in a pan and made some tea. Next time I will just use cookie sheets and freeze them to get off the pan it would be easier I think. Thank You for the recipe though they are yummie!

  3. Julie

    I add 4 drops of Eucalyptus globulus to mine in addition to the Thieves and lemon. I’ve found that parchment paper works better than wax paper, and I put mine in the fridge. Living in the south during summer months can actually melt your drops. I bought multiple molds at Hobby Lobby. Make sure you have enough molds, otherwise you won’t have enough time for the molds to set up and harden before the mixture in the pan hardens. You can keep the burner on low in this case, but honey can burn if you aren’t consistent with stirring it. It’s easy to get sidetracked. I learned the hard way. You can also add a tsp. of butter to the mixture if you don’t have a large enough pan to prevent the bubbles from boiling over. I love the end results.

    1. mjescobar Post author

      Yes it might reduce the properties or even eliminate them. Even if it does, it would be better than genetically modified white sugar or the chemicals found in store bought drops. 😉 If you wanted to keep the full properties of the honey, make a syrup and skip the heat.

  4. Linda Donaldson

    I woke up the other night with an awful sore throat. I didn’t have any organic honey but I did have organic agave syrup. I used about 3 oz of agave with 10 drops lemon and about 15 of thieves. A spoonful slowly rolling down my throat coated it and amazing relief. I just made another batch to share with work friends. YLEO’s are awesome!

  5. Aimee Mossburgh

    Do u need to powder or spray the candy molds with anything?


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