How I Reversed My Hypothyroidism

By | April 15, 2015

reverse hypothyroid hypothyroidism naturallySo many people (including myself) struggle with a thyroid condition.  It seems that so many people, particularly in America, are battling a sluggish thyroid. For me, accepting my thyroid condition, and the symptoms associated with it, grew frustrating.  I wanted to heal my thyroid and despite what most medical doctors will tell you, you can take steps to heal or at least improve your thyroid.

Your body naturally wants to heal itself.  This is evident when we get a cut.  What happens?  The skin starts to scab to prevent further bleeding, then heals, right?  It doesn’t heal over night but the body immediately starts working on repairing that area.  If you continue to cause damage to the cut by bumping it and tearing it open or exposing it to external bacteria, it slows down the healing.  Worse it could become infected.  The same is true with the body as a whole.  If we are constantly pushing toxins into our body through poor diet and chemicals, we can’t expect to reverse any major medical condition.  We MUST focus on what is going into our body to receive he healing benefits our body wants to provide for us naturally.

I have been on thyroid medication, working on the better part of two decades but within the last three years, give or take, with God’s healing grace and under the supervision of my medical doctor, I have reduced my thyroid medication by 71%.  I believe that this number will continue to improve as my body continues to heal.  I will go into more detail below on how long it takes for the body to heal itself from internal conditions.

The first step in my journey was a healthy diet.  Yes, I know that sounds cliché and I used to think so too, but I can’t stress the importance of feeding your body healthy foods and supplements.  I heard a quote once that went something like, “we should eat to live, not live to eat”.  That is profound advice and I hope you take that away from here, if nothing else.

When I decided to get serious, I that removed all sugar, processed foods and gluten from my diet.  I also removed table salt and replaced it with pink Himalayan salt.  I removed soda, preservatives and artificial colors.  I drink a green juice or green smoothie almost every day, keeping the fruit content to about 20 – 25%.  Spinach or kale is added without it changing the flavor.  You can Google green smoothie recipes and find a ton.  My favorite for detoxing is kale, cucumber, celery, lemon, green apple and ginger.  I try to get about 3 cups of leafy greens in a 32 oz green smoothie around lunch.  I usually don’t eat right early and yes that goes against anything you will ever be told.  I also like to add hemp seeds to my smoothies because they are a complete protein and contain a healthy dose of omega 3,6, and 9.  I also take a multi-vitamin, vitamin D 4000 – 5000 units, magnesium, selenium and flaxseed oil.  I also get probiotics daily.

It’s important to understand that if you are looking to support your thyroid, that you understand that will not see changes over night.  It can take many weeks to many months.  Your health didn’t decline over night and may not improve as quickly as you hope.  You spent years eating poorly so your health will most likely not improve in a week or two.  It might!  Just don’t count on it and you won’t be disappointed.  Most likely you will notice other health benefits first and then the thyroid. Improvements in your weight, achey muscles or joints, skin, allergies, etc. will be the first type of noticeable changes.  During the first week or two, you might experience detox symptoms that may cause you to feel achy, experience flu like symptoms or skin blemishes. Those are normal symptoms when detoxing of the body.  Your body is cleansing itself and these symtoms should be expected. They will go away and then you will feel amazing!  If you have concerns about any symptoms you are experiencing or have medical concerns, etc., contact your medical professional.

I hope that if you are experiencing thyroid problems that you will feel empowered by my success and use this as a guide to help you make healthy changes necessary to support a healthy lifestyle and create wellness.


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