How Often Do You Really Need to Clean Your Bathroom?

By | October 30, 2014

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I absolutely love a clean bathroom!  I used to clean my bathroom once or twice a week and I loathed the whole process.  I had to get out all of cleaners, I generally had a headache by the time I was done from the smell of the different chemical cleaners.  I had to be careful not to accidentally spray one chemical onto another and then I had to put away all those cleaners when I was done.  Really!?  I had no idea how simple cleaning my bathroom could be or how much I could enjoy it.  I didn’t know that I could literally love the 3 minutes I spend wiping down my bathroom EVERY day.

Why do I insist on wiping it down every day?  I love the aromatherapy, the cleanliness and sparkle that my bathroom has now.  Yep, it sparkles!  It’s literally squeaky clean and it’s so much easier than doing it once or twice a week.  Yes, I did say easier.

Thieves Cleaner, Young LivingI use Thieves cleaner in my bathroom to clean everything and it smells absolutely amazing!  It is truly aromatherapy for me and I enjoy doing it.  I just spray down the entire bathroom as soon as I am done getting ready for the day.  Then the bathroom has the wonderful, comforting smell of clove and cinnamon, so it smells like Christmas every day.  It’s so easy to mist the entire bathroom and then give it a quick wipe down.  It literally takes about 3 minutes.  I use it as an everyday shower spray and just leave it.  I even use it to clean the mirrors!

Can you guess where I keep my bathroom cleaner?  In the basket on my bathroom countertop!  Yep, it’s the pretty, blue glass bottle in the middle of the basket.  I don’t even have to bend over to grab it.  Because the Thieves cleaner is ULTRA concentrated, I only use 1/2 of the tiny cap for this entire blue spray bottle.  The rest is water.  That’s it!  That’s all it takes to make my all-purpose cleaner that makes my bathroom sparkle like never before.

Each day, I take my Thieves cleaner and spray the entire bathroom, all at one time.  Then I go back and wipe everything down. When you use the wipe down method, there is almost nothing to “clean”.  I spray the inside of the toilet every day and I leave the cleaner inside the bowl until the next flush.  I keep a role of paper towels under the sink for quickly swiping the outside and rim of the toilet.  Then I can just toss it!

Once a week, I do a quick swipe on the inside of the toilet bowl and a full wipe down of the shower.  I spray the bathroom floor and wipe it up with a dirty towel a few times a week.  If my bathroom where larger, I might mop but doing it this way gives me a ground floor view of the edges of the room so I can get in the corners and swipe the baseboards with my towel.  There’s never a need to dust them because I give them a swipe each week as I zoom past them.  This weekly process takes about 5 minutes maximum.

Thieves cleaner is so versatile that I use it all over the house to clean the floors, windows, my glass coffee table, kitchen counters, the refrigerator, everywhere! I don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals being sprayed near the food in the refrigerator and it smells amazing when I’m done.  I don’t have to worry if my dogs accidentally walk on my wet floors before they dry either.  I even add it in my homemade laundry soap to boost the cleaning power and it makes the soap smell amazing!  The clothes come out super clean and soft.

So for me, I clean my bathroom every day.  Do you enjoy cleaning your bathroom and how often do you clean it?  What tips for cleaning do you have? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks for keeping your bathroom sparkling.  Leave a comment below with your tips or time saving tricks.  If any of this was helpful, please give it a Like and Share it on Facebook or Twitter.  Maybe I’ll give your tip a shout out on the Facebook Page or Twitter!

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