I Have My Essential Oil Starter Kit – Now What?

By | February 6, 2015

Banner for Essential OilsIf you’re like me, you received your Premium Starter Kit and you were super excited but a little scared, right?  Was it just me?  I knew these oils were capable of doing some pretty amazing things, so I had a cautious respect for them.  I was told by my Sponsor and Mentor that I should just #usetheoils everyday.  So I did!  I picked an oil, I read about it in the Essential Oil Desk Reference and then I used it.  I either picked an oil that I felt I could benefit from the most or I picked an oil to diffuse.

Once I started learning and using the oils regularly, I realized that I really had no reason to be nervous about using them.  I found several oils that I thought I could benefit from the most and I kept adding at least one new oil every day.  Sometimes I didn’t need as much Joy because I was already Joyful.  Some days, I needed Stress Away.  These were the oils that I rotated in and out.  I still do this.  There are some products that I use daily:  lemon, lavender, Elemi, Endoflex, NingXia Red and Thieves. I have a homemade spritzer of 4 oz. water and 10 drops of Thieves essential oil that I make.  I spritz it on the bottom of my feet to boost my immune).  For my son, he gets NingXia Red, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Brain Power and Peace & Calming at bedtime and a spritz on his feet too.

It was probably 4 to 6 weeks of using different oils and I was hooked!  I had started seeing progress in my son and myself.  My husband was supportive but wasn’t all-in, just yet.  As we moved along using the oils, I would give him a swipe of oil here and there or put a drop of lemon in his glass of water.  He started seeing how well the oils were working with my son and I.  Before long, he was going to get the Thieves when he had tooth discomfort.  Now, he loves the oils and NingXia Red too!

So what do you do once you realize you love the oils too?  Here are some Member favorites to help get your oily non-medicine cabinet off to a great start and to help you create a “Prepared Healthy Home”.  These oils and products will help you maximize your results, try new products that are most loved by Young Living members and help you ditch the chemical cleaning products that are so unhealthy for your family.

Hall of Fame PHH and EO

Those are just a few member favorites that you might want to try or you can search thousands of real testimonies written by real people at YLSearch.com.  You can search symptoms, conditions or specific oils.  Just type it in the search bar.

If you love these member favorites that I shared or have a question, leave a comment below.  If this was helpful to you or might help others, please share it.

Oily blessings and hugs ~


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