Soothing Green Tea

By | October 11, 2014

Yesterday I ran out to Costco and before I had gotten home, I felt the first signs of an impending cold.  The first signal is a tingly pain I get in the glands located in my neck. I immediately started taking Thieves oil (1 drop in 3 – 4 oz. of water) ever 3 hours or so to try to lessen this cold train that was barreling toward me.  So far, I’ve only gotten mild sniffles and a touch of a dry throat.  Just to be safe, I’m taking it easy today though.  I have been enjoying some homemade chicken with vegetable soup that my husband made for me.  Yum!

One thing that always makes me feel great is a cup of hot tea.  Especially today.  Fall is in the air and it’s been raining outside.  This is my tea recipe that I am enjoying and I wanted to share it with you.  It would be great without the ginger too.  Enjoy!

Soothing Green Tea, Hot green tea with thieves essential oil and lemon essential oil from Young Living

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